Mario Cotta offers to its customers complete slitting system:

  • Aurora
  • Expando
  • Kobe
  • Custom Solutions

Mario Cotta’s experience in engineering custom solutions allows to always help customers with their slitting application. Experienced senior engineers team will guide the customer through the complex field of slitting to choose the perfect solution for his application. Shaft slitting system, independent motorized system, trim cut, rat cut. Mario Cotta is able to supply solution for every market needs.

Every customer is different and has different needs. Every slitting system produced by Mario Cotta is tailor made. The aim is to completely satisfy customer expectations.

First equipment, Retrofitting, Upgrading and Special Solution for improving productivity, increasing efficiency and safety. Mario Cotta Engineers team is always at customer disposal.

more than 500

Systems installed

up to 3.000


Service and Training

Complexity of slitting section could be high, Mario Cotta is able to take care of service and maintenance to keep slitting section always reliable. Our high specialized technican is always at customer disposal. Mario Cotta can offer also training session to machine operators in order to better use and understand slitting section details and use.

Slitting Systems Solutions

  • Aurora – High Performances motorized solutions for speed up to 3000 m/min. Engineered 50 and 80mm wide motors capable of speed over 2000 m/min
  • Expando – High Technology shaft based system.
  • Kobe¬†– Efficient and Reliable Trim Cut System
  • Retrofit & Refurbishment –¬†Retrofitting and upgrading for improving productivity, increasing efficiency and safety for existing slitting system.

Positioning System

  • Automatic Positioning – Both Web-Out and Web-In solutions for extremely quick recipe change.
  • Visualized & Cotta-Vision – Manual Assisted positioning system.
  • Manual Positioning – Pure Manual positioning