Mario Cotta has produced slitting knives, blades and equipment for every industry since 1925.

We are the leader in manufacturing knife holders, blades and slitting systems.

Mario Cotta can provide solutions for any slitting process, including knives, knife holders, spreader rolls, retrofit and turnkey slitting systems.


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Leading manufactures of Knifeholders, Blades and Slitting System

Our company is the leader in the production of knife holders, blades and slitting systems.

With a team of more than 60 employees and a worldwide network of partners, we are one of the most significant suppliers for OEMs and users in the flexible material slitting field.

Mario Cotta serves every industry, including paper, board, converting, plastic film, non-woven, aluminum and more.


5 February 1925

Mr. Mario Cotta found Mario Cotta, an Italian blade distributor.


5 February 1960

Mr. Antonio Colombo, one of the Italian Mario Cotta Agent, take the company’s control and start the blade and mechanical holder production


5 February 1970

Mario Cotta start producing complete slitting system and pneumatic knifeholders


5 February 1980

Introducing on the market the first pneumatic knifeholder equipped with removable cartridge


24 July 1980

The first automatic positioning slitting system, IRIDIUM, was released in the market.


5 February 2000

New premium holders line with removable cartridge -Gold and Platinum Holders


5 February 2010

EOS, the first fully electronic slitting system is developed


5 February 2016

The new spreader Rolls division come to life.


1 June 2020

Launched Mario Cotta America in Wisconsin.


5 February 2021

A new line of Hybrid Holder – Pneumatic and Electronic – is going to be released on the market.