The Toughest Circle Knives, Flat Knives, Bottom Knives

Our knives and bottom knives are produced in-house and of the highest quality for all industries.

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To guarantee the best quality and reliability, all of our blades are produced in-house at our facility in Italy.

Mario Cotta’s specialized technicians can engineer knives and bottom blades for any operation. We always have standard blades in stock and can produce customized parts from your drawings and specifications.

We use only the highest quality European steels, including but not limited to:

  • 100 Cr 6 – Common Steel
  • K100 – D2
  • HSS – High-speed Steel
  • ASP2053
  • Tungsten Carbid


Expando Bottom Knife

The proprietary technology is based on a special support where a sintered steel cutting ring (HSS) is mounted that can be removed directly from the shaft through a specially designed omega “opening”. The ring has a double cutting edge and it can be used on both sides. The HSS grants an average…

Flat Knives

Starting from the best available top quality steels, these circular flat knives are entirely made in our workshop. Currently the flat knives are available in stock in the most common sizes.

Dished Knives

The best steel available, the highest quality at the service of the best dished knives entirely made in our workshops. Mario Cotta knives are available in stock in the most common sizes.

Traditional Bottom Knives

Three typologies available from stock: F.L.C. “free lock” for shaft or locked together S.L.C. “self locking” with eccentric ring locking, to simplify the locking operation through an easy rotation of the anvil on the shaft itself. M.L. “multi lock” with hose clamp and thread, unlike traditional…

Bottom Knives for Independent Motorized System

Discover the Mario Cotta bottom knives for motorized systems with single or double slitting edge. These bottom knives are available also in Tungsten Carbide. The quality assurance of Mario Cotta, the best materials for the best possible product.

Score Cut Knives

Available from stock on the most common dimensions, with cutting edge radius of 30, 45 or 60 degrees or customized for the application.