Metal Spreader Rolls

Metal Spreader Rolls that meet the highest quality standards

Mario Cotta’s metal spreader rolls are the perfect solution for heavy-duty applications with high speed and abrasive materials for customers looking for low maintenance. All metal spreader rolls are tested at high speeds for vibration, critical speed, and temperatures to ensure we deliver only the best products. Mario Cotta is committed to the highest quality standards in engineering and manufacturing.

Rotating Incidence

Mario Cotta metal spreader rolls are supplied with standard supports to allow for variation of the incidence, which could occur through a handwheel, ratchet key, and, if required, can be motorized.

Variable Bow

Variable bows are available for metal spreader rolls. Depending on diameter and application, the thruster can be mechanical or hydraulic.


Metal spreader rolls are available in chrome, tungsten carbide and groove surface for high-speed applications.

Custom Solutions

We can create a custom solution for new or existing applications. Contact us today to get started.

Metal Spreader Roll Specifications

ItemEstTangTableVariable Curvature Variant
MC-M 105105 mm60-62 mm1400-2200 mmMechanical / Hydraulic
MC-M 130130 mm60-62-75 mm1500-2700 mmMechanical / Hydraulic
MC-M 150150 mm75-90-100 mm2200-3500 mmHydraulic
MC-M 175175 mm90-100 mm3000-4300 mmHydraulic
MC-M 200200 mm120 mm3500-5500 mmHydraulic
MC-M 230230 mm120-130 mm4000-6500 mmHydraulic
MC-M 250250 mm120-130 mm4500-7000 mmHydraulic

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