The heavy-duty knifeholder


Check out the Platinum pneumatic knife holder. Particularly suitable for demanding and high speed cuts, Mario Cotta is the only company offering a product specifically engineered for high speed. The best solution just a click away.

Technical features

Compatible blades:

  • 180×70 mm
  • 200×80 mm

Available brackets:

  • Dovetail
  • Dovetail with pinion
  • Linear with 3 ball bearing carrier


  • For heavy duty application HARD cartridge
  • Dust section Carter
  • Lubricator

Two position knob

The Platinum knife holder’s two-position knob adjusts the descent via a two-position valve: Rest and Work.

Penetration Nonius

The Graduated Dial allows a repeatable and precise regulation of the knife diameter in order to maintain the most effective overlap after changing or regrinding knives.

Cant Angle

The Knob allows an onboard cant angle regulation without any special tools.
Cant angle could be adjusted from 0° to 1° with 0,25° steps. This system guarantees Replicable and Objective Adjustment on the entire slitting section.

Double Vertical Shaft

Two vertical shafts in chromed steel of ∅ 20mm and 16mm ensure an absolute cutting stability that allows the speed increase without losing stability and cutting quality.

Protective bellows

The rubber bellows between the lower hub and the main body ensures the impenetrability of the powder inside the knife holder. Ensuring durability and consistency of performance over time.

Double Knife Guard

The total protection guard of the knife allows to increase the safety standards of the operators in the most dangerous phases.
The Internal Carter for the cutting cartridge increases the safety of the operators during the handling and blade change phases.

Smooth Approach

Platinum Knife Holder is particularly suitable for high speed slitting. Disengaging the movement unit from rotation unit grants a drastic reduction of the Run Out.
Furthermore the entire approach system is engineered to grant high stability at high speed.

Automatic Half Approach

The Half Approach for the Knife Holder Setup is made by a self releasing button on the Cartridge.
Once the Knife holder is in position, the Half Approach will be released automatically during the next cycle.
Half Approach allows a quick and effective Knife Holder setup that avoids the knife overlap onto bottom knife and a constant side load.

Removable cartridge

The Removable Cartridge drastically reduce the machine downtime during knives change.
Moreover it allows to Operators to change knives in a Safety and Controlled Environment, increasing Operators’ safety.
The Patented cartridge Dove Tail Rails permit clearance during Cartridge insertion – when needed – but once the lever is in close position, the rail guarantees the perfect tightening.