Pneumatic Knife Holder


Silver pneumatic knife holder. With 25 mm minimum slitting width, the Silver offers a drastic reduction in machine downtime, high cutting quality at high speeds and maximum safety for operators.

Technical features

Compatible Blades:

  • 90 / 105×60 mm

Available Brackets:

  • Dovetail
  • Dovetail with Pinion
  • Linear with 1 Ball Bearing Carrier
  • Linear with 2 Ball Bearing Carrier


  • Score Cut Cartridge
  • Slide Cut Cartridge
  • 70 mm Hub
  • Lubricator

Three Position Knob

The Three Position Knob allows for an easy and quick setup of the knife holder, thanks to the pneumatic half approach. Half approach eliminates knife overlap with the bottom knife and provides constant side load.

Penetration Nonius

The graduated dial provides a repeatable and precise regulation of the knife diameter in order to maintain the most effective overlap after replacing blades.

Cant Angle

Regulate cant angle without any special tools with the knob. Cant angle can be adjusted to 0° to ±1.5° in 0.25° increments. This system guarantees repeatable and precise adjustments on the entire slitting section.

Double Vertical Shaft

Two 10 mm diameter chromed steel shafts for knife descent ensure absolute stability during the slitting process. Increased stability allows a higher web speed without losing slitting quality.

Scrapers and Protections

The scrapers on the vertical shafts and dust protection sleeves prevent dust penetration into the knife holder for like-new performance and durability over a longer period.

360° Knife Guard

The full 360° knife guard increases safety during those production steps that present the greatest risk to operators. Best of all, the knife guard does not compromise the minimum slitting width of 25 mm.

Cartridge Guard

The cartridge guard also increases operator safety during blade change outs. Lubrication fittings are available if needed for your application.

Tilting Side Approach

The tilting slide approach disengages the movement unit from the rotation unit, resulting in a drastic reduction of the run out and a higher average life for the blades. The blade also remains centered on the knife holder, which maintains the minimum slitting width of 25 mm for both left- and right-handed knife holders.

Removable Cartridge

The removable cartridge dramatically reduces machine downtime during knife changes. It allows operators to change knives in a safe and controlled environment, thereby increasing operator safety. The patented cartridge dove tail rails permit clearance during cartridge insertion when needed; but once the lever is in the closed position, the rail guarantees the perfect tightening.