X-Series Slitting Knife Holders

We've taken our decades of experience in knife holders and slitting systems and used it to create a product that provides the perfect cut every time. Experience a drastic reduction in downtime, extreme slitting quality and maximum operator safety when you upgrade to Mario Cotta knife holders.

Engineered Advantages

The X-Series product line is built to meet all your flexible material slitting needs. Whether you require a shear cut, crush cut or razor cut, the X-Series slitting system will always meet your demand.

All X-Series knife holders include removable cartridges, continuous cant angle knobs, graduated penetration knobs and a half approach. Choose the appropriate slitting knife based on your required slitting width.

Slitting WidthSpeedBlade Compatibility Size
X-Series 7575 mm and up2,500 m/min.OD 200 mm
ID 80 mm
X-Series 5050 mm–74 mm2,000 m/minOD 150 mm
ID 80 mm
X-Series 3535 mm –49 mm1,200m/min.OD 105mm
ID 60 mm
X-Series 1515 mm minimum1,000 m/minOD 90 mm
ID 60 mm

X-Series 75

X-Series 50

X-Series 35

X-Series 15

Create a custom slitting system to meet your unique needs

In addition to the standard X-Series stock features, you can customize Mario Cotta knife holders to create a product that caters to your specialized needs.

  • Different blade diameters and cartridges
  • Crush cut and razor cut cartridges
  • Oil wick
  • Dust suction guard
  • Enhanced cant angle stiffness
  • Fixed or adjustable cant key
  • Choose from dove tail rails, linear dove tail rails, single linear rails and double linear rails

If you would like to purchase or inquire about the X-Series slitting knives, contact us today.

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