Tough, Long-Lasting Pneumatic Holders

Mario Cotta knife holders are the most durable and easiest to use for the paper, tissue, non-woven, plastic film, aluminum and rubber industries.

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With more than 40 standard pneumatic knife holders in our catalog, our products are optimal for everything from narrow minimum slits to heavy duty paper mill slitting. To offer you the most flexibility and efficiency, you can count on our standard products always being in stock.

If you have an innovative or new application, our engineering department will be happy to offer guidance on upgrades or selecting new slitting system components.

Mario Cotta can deliver results for any customer need, including:

  • Shear Cut Solutions
  • Crush Cut Solutions
  • Razor Cut Solutions
  • Hot Cut Solutions
  • Embossing Solutions

All of our blades, knife holders, rolls and slitting systems are manufactured and assembled in-house at or facility in Italy to ensure you always have the highest quality.

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Slitting Groups

X-Series Slitting Knife Holders

Robust and operator-friendly design. These are the two drivers of Mario Cotta‘s X Series Project. The quality of the slitting process is strictly related to the possibility to maintain the identical setting on every single Knife Holder on the slitting system.

PPMS Hot Cut Knife Holder

The PPMS Hot is the largest most widely used hot cut knife holder in the Mario Cotta product line. Thanks to its unique design, it withstands the most severe of working conditions.

PPMSP Knife Holder

The PPMSP 60 mm pressure knife holder is able to generate a vertical force of more than 150 pounds at 6 bar. The PPMS by Mario Cotta maintains excellent stability of the hub thanks to its generous dimensions.


Discover the score cut knife holder by Mario Cotta. With a vertical force of over 60 kg at 6 bars in 25 mm width, Rocky is suitable for cutting even very resistant materials. Rocky is also available with microadjustment for half cut. Find out more.

Lisa Pneumatic Knife Holder

Discover the bestselling 12.7 mm Lisa Score Cut knife holder from Mario Cotta. The Lisa contains a patented cartridge release mechanism that allows you to maintain the cutting position in the machine while and makes maintenance easier. The Lisa is also available with micro-regulation for half cut…

PPS s.2 Pneumatic Knife Holder

The PPS s.2 pneumatic knife holder by Mario Cotta is the perfect union between performance and simplicity of use for minimum cuts of 50 mm.

PPJ Pneumatic Knife Holder

If you need 25 mm minimum cut widths, the PPJ pneumatic knife holder will give you the reliability, simplicity and durability you need.

PPS Pneumatic Knife Holder

Discover the PPS pneumatic knife holder for 50 mm minimum cuts. The PPS is reliable, simple, durable and comes with the guaranteed quality of Mario Cotta. As part of our Classic Series of knife holders, the PPS is suitable for any cutting application.

PPMS Pneumatic Knife Holder

The Classic Series PPMS pneumatic knife holder for 60 mm minimum cuts is one of our best-selling Mario Cotta knife holders because of its sturdiness, durability and high performance. It is a reliable and simple knife holder for any application.

PPL/PPLV Pneumatic Knife Holder

The PPL and PPLV knife holder are part of the Classic Series of Mario Cotta knife holders. Designed for the most demanding applications, these 100 mm knife holders combine a generous vertical and horizontal thrust. The oversized body makes it very resistant to impact and increases holder life. The…