Our high-quality aluminum rollers are available with fixed or variable positioning and rubber or metal for any application.

Spreader Rolls

Spreader rolls, also known as bowed rolls, are the most recent addition to Mario Cotta’s line of product offerings.

While this is a new venture for Mario Cotta, our engineers and technicians bring decades of experience with spreader rolls to the table. This highly skilled team of engineers and technicians develops the best spreader roll solution for your particular application or industry.

Mario Cotta is committed to the highest quality in spreader rolls. We guarantee this quality standard in our components and materials because of the specialized equipment used in our manufacturing process. We conduct tolerance checks with Mitutoyo precision instrumentation and balance every segment of the spreader roll.

Mario Cotta can offer:

  • Up to 8 meters in face length
  • Up to 280 mm in diameter
  • Metallic or rubber spreader rolls with special treatments and sleeves
  • Fixed or variable bow

Custom engineered projects

Spreader Roll Testing

Finished bowed rolls up to 9 meters in length are tested at high speeds to guarantee roller quality.

During testing, Mario Cotta measures fundamental values, including vibration, critical speed and temperature along the entire face length.

Spreader Roll Solutions

  • New Spreader Rolls – Mario Cotta can engineer a custom solution for your spreader roll application.
  • Refurbishment – Our skilled technicians and well-equipped production facility are capable of refurbishing your current spreader roll.
  • Replacement Spreader Rolls – We also offer replacement spreader rolls for your existing equipment.