We provide turnkey, retrofit and customized solutions for every application or slitting system.


Mario Cotta offers the following complete slitting systems:

  • Aurora
  • Expando
  • Kobe
  • Custom Solutions

Our experience engineering custom solutions allows us to help you with your slitting application…no matter what that application is. Our team of experienced senior engineers will guide you through the complex field of slitting to choose the perfect solution for your company. From shaft slitting systems to independent motorized systems to trim or rat cut, Mario Cotta can find the best solution to your cutting challenges.

Your business is unique and has specific needs. Every slitting system we produce is tailor made with the aim of exceeding your expectations.

Whether you need new equipment, a retrofit, an upgrade or a specialized solution, we can help you increase your efficiency and safety. The Mario Cotta engineering team is ready to assist.


Service and Training

Slitting sections can be very complex. To ensure this complex system maintains reliability, Mario Cotta can service and maintain your equipment. Our highly specialized technicians are always available to offer support. We also offer training for machine operators so they can better understand and use their particular slitting section.

Slitting Systems Solutions

  • Aurora – This independent system is a high performance motorized solution for speeds up to 3,000 meters per minute. Engineered 50 mm and 80 mm wide motors are capable of speeds of more than 2,000 meters per minute for an extremely reduced run-out.
  • Expando – The one-of-a-kind technology of this shaft-based system reduces downtime and your consumables expense.
  • Kobe – The Kobe is designed specifically for efficient and reliable trim cut applications.

Retrofit & Refurbishment – Increase your productivity and safety with a retrofit or existing slitting system upgrade.

Positioning System

  • Automatic positioning offers both web-out and web-in solutions for extremely quick change outs.
  • Visualized & Cotta-Vision positioning are manual-assisted positioning systems.

The manual positioning option offers pure manual positioning.