X-Series 75

Robust and operator-friendly design.


Robust and operator-friendly design. These are the two drivers of Mario Cotta‘s X Series Project.
The quality of the slitting process is strictly related to the possibility to maintain the identical setting on every single Knife Holder on the slitting system. Excluding every variable, related to operator abilities and to environment, it’s the only way to obtain the perfect cut.
X Series Pneumatic knife holder is the result of Mario Cotta’s secular experience in engineering Holders and Slitting Systems.
Drastic reduction of the Machine Downtime, ultimate performances guaranteed with extreme slitting quality, maximum safety for operators. These are the achieved targets of X Series Knifeholders.

Engineering drivers

X Series Knifeholders are designed to meet all the needs of the flexible material slitting field. 35mm, 50mm and 75mm, from Production to Converting.
X-Series Knifeholders come with all the on-board features for a complete and user-friendly control upon all the cutting parameters. During product configuration it possible to request specific versions without one or more options, which are not necessary for customer’s application. This is what made X Series a Tailormade Series.
To ensure greater safety and less downtime, all X-Series knife holders are manufactured with a removable cartridge.
All the components and construction features are engineered and designed to ensure stiffness and stability during the working phase. This will ensure an Ultra Slitting Quality even with heavy-duty applications.
Enhanced Cant Angle Stiffness, Bigger Double Vertical Shaft, Ultimate Glide Approach, bigger bearings, are just some of the built-in X Series features to grant higher performance in less footprint.
X Series knifeholders can be equipped with different blades diameter and cartridges to satisfy all the requests and applications on the market. Whether the customer needs to Shear Cut, Crush Cut or Razor Cut, X Series will always meet his demand.
Flexibility is our watchword.

Technical features

X SERIES 75Always on Stock VersionTailormade Version
Removable Cartridge
Continous Cant Angle KnobChoose your features!
Graduated Penetration KnobChoose your features!
Half ApproachChoose your features!
Separate air inletOptionalOptional
Full Knife GuardOptionalOptional
Crush Cut CartridgeOptionalOptional
Razor Cut CartridgeOptionalOptional
Oil WickOptionalOptional
Dust Suction GuardOptionalOptional
Blades CompatibilityØ200*80 mm / Ø180*70 mm on demand
Min. Slitting Width70mm without Knifeguard; 76mm with Knifeguard
Vertical Stroke25mm
Horizontal Stroke3.5mm
Available RailsDove Tail / Linear Dove Tail / Single and Double Linear Rail