Kobe by Mario Cotta is a slitting system designed specifically for trim cut. Kobe consists of two units; an upper and a lower one connected to each other by a C-Shaped Chassis. The upper unit consists of a pneumatic shear knife holder and the lower unit consists of a motorized bottom knife. Discover the Kobe by Mario Cotta trim system, your best choice.


  • Kobe could be installed on existing machines to reach higher speed and higher slitting quality
  • Easy and quick trim width change
  • High precision trim cut due to constant and precise position of top and bottom part
  • Auretta cutting ring on the bottom part grants an higher average lifetime thanks to double slitting edge and HSS Steel
  • Available a Blade to Blade solution, with a knife mounted also on bottom part. A solution able able to trim even the hardest or thickest materials
  • The technical office of Mario Cotta can develop customized solutions following customers requests.

Kobe - The Trim Cut Solution

General 3d Video Presentaion for Kobe Trim Cut Solution