Discover the best seller Score Cut Knifeholder of Mario Cotta, in 12.7 mm Lisa contains a patented cartridge release mechanism that allows you to maintain the cutting position in the machine and grants easier maintenance. Also available with microregulation for half cut and reinforced body to reach higher thrusts. Find out more.

Technical features

  • Minimum cutting 12.7mm (15.7mm reinforced)
  • Removable cartridge
  • Vertical stroke 16mm
  • Integrated bracket

What is Lisa?

LISA is the most versatile holder on the market, simple to use and with a quick set-up. It has a quick-change feature for worn blades.

Lisa has two parts

A body and a blade cartridge. The body remains on the dovetail; the cartridge with worn blade is removed and a new cartridge with a sharp blade is installed. All of this takes only a matter of seconds.

Different models for different applications

LISA has a minimum slitting width of 1/2” and it is very light and easy to move or set-up. Different models for different applications:

  • Lisa Standard
  • Lisa with Reinforced Body (15.7mm min slitting width) for higher stability
  • Lisa with Microadjustement for half cut
  • Lisa Razor Cut
  • Lisa Premium for linear rails