The Classic series pneumatic knife holder for 100mm Minimo cutting by Mario Cotta.
Designed for the most demanding applications, the classic 100 mm knife holder combines a generous vertical and horizontal thrust. The oversized body, makes it very resistant to impact and long lasting.
The PPLV version is perfectly suited for high speed cuts. Reliable, simple and long-lasting. The series of frillless knife holders for any application. Find out more.

Technical features

Available blades:

  • 180×70 mm
  • 200×70 mm

Penetration Nonius

The Graduated Dial allows a repeatable and precise regulation of the knife diameter in order to maintain the most effective overlap after changing or regrinding knives.

Cant Angle

The manual adjustment of the Cant angle allows a reliable setup of the knife holder for a high quality cut.

Single air inlet

Decreased setup time thanks to the automatic Descent-Side Load / Side Unload–Ascent Cycle.

360° Knife Guard

The total protection guard of the knife allows to increase the safety standards of the operators in the most dangerous phases.

Engaging piston

Available the pneumatic double effect Engaging Piston allows to precisely move the entire Slitting Group along the cutting line without changing any cutting setup values.