Discover now Aurora, the slitting system by Mario Cotta. Aurora represents the most advanced generat...

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Expando by Mario Cotta represents the most advanced generation for shaft based slitting systems for ...

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Kobe by Mario Cotta is a slitting system designed specifically for trim cut. Kobe consists of two un...

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Check out the Platinum pneumatic knife holder. Particularly suitable for demanding and high speed cu...

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System developed for all applications where safety and savings in maintenance and setup time are ess...

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25mm minimum slitting width knifeholder; a drastic reduction in machine downtime; high cutting quali...

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The Classic series pneumatic knife holder for 100mm Minimo cutting by Mario Cotta. Designed for the...

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The Classic series pneumatic knife holder for 60mm minumum cutting by Mario Cotta. Thanks to its st...

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Discover the Classic series pneumatic knife holder for 50mm Minimum cut. Reliable, simple and durab...

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Discover the Classic series pneumatic knife holder for 25mm Minimum cut. Knife reliable, simple and...

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PPS s.2

Check out the PPS pneumatic knife holder. The knife holder by Mario Cotta perfect union between simp...

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Discover the best seller Score Cut Knifeholder of Mario Cotta, in 12.7 mm Lisa contains a patented c...

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Discover the score cut knife holder by Mario Cotta. With a vertical force of over 60 kg at 6 bars in...

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Classic and always effective, this 60 mm pressure knife holder is able to generate a vertical force ...

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Lisa Hot

Discover the 15.7 mm hot Cut solution. Lisa Hot is indicated where the spaces in the machine are red...

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PPMS Hot, the largest and most performing hot cut knife holder in the range of Mario Cotta  knife ho...

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Flat Knives

Starting from the best available top quality steels, these circular flat knives are entirely made in...

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Dished knives

The best steel available, the highest quality at the service of the best dished knives entirely made...

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Turnkey solutions, Retrofit, Customized solution. Slitting Systems for every application.


High quality internal production. Knives and Bottom Knives for all customer applications.

Slitting Groups

Toughest and the easiest to use knifeholders for paper, tissue, nonwoven, plastic film, aluminium and rubber.