The independent motorized slitting system


Discover now Aurora, the slitting system by Mario Cotta. Aurora represents the most advanced generation for shear-cut independent motorized systems. Each Aurora slitting group consists of an upper and a lower part respectively equipped with a high performance Mario Cotta pneumatic knife holder and an independent motor. The Aurora slitting system is the best solution when working speeds are high, above 1500 m/min or machine width exceeds 5m. Mario Cotta offers different types of positioning to meet all the market’s demands; positioning is simple, fast and precise thanks to the linear guides and ball bearing carriers, Aurora by Mario Cotta is the best choice.

Technical features


  • The Mario Cotta MC-50 and MC-80 motors are the only motors on the market that guarantee a minimum cut of 50 and 80mm respectively at speeds up to 2000 m / min.
  • For high speed application, up to 3000 m/min, are available motors fot those application that doesn’t need narrow cuts.
  • As bottom knife Mario Cotta can offer Auretta Cutting ring in HSS for a longer average lifetime.
    The distance between bottom knife and knife remains constant over time, thus increasing cutting quality and average blade life time.
  • The cutting quality does not depend on the operator.


  • Cutting ring in HSS Steel for an increased blade lifetime (up to 4 time more than a normal steel)
  • Double cutting edge, once one side is finished, operator will have to only turn the ring and start cutting again.
  • No regrinding and so Constant Cutting point
    Reduced machine downtime due to simple and quick maintenance.
  • Up to 250 mm.

Manual positioning

Positioning by the operators which, acting on the pinion present on the bracket of the knife holder, will move the slitting group.
The positioning precision is guaranteed by the use of linear rail together with ball bearing carriers brackets.
Moreover, the use of a double effect pneumatic engaging piston allows to move the upper and lower unit simultaneously without losing the cutting geometries and parameters.

Automatic positioning

The positioning of this Mario Cotta slitting system is completely automatic. Operators will interact only with the Scada software, running on an industrial pc, specially designed by Mario Cotta, entering, saving and loading the slitting recipes. It will be the software and the positioning system to quickly position all the groups.

Web Out solution

The movement of slitting groups is guaranteed by RS brackets, designed for sliding belt coupling, positioned on each motor and by a sliding belt driven by a brushless motor. Top Part and bottom part of every slitting group is synchronized by a pneumatic double effect engaging piston.

Web-In solution

The movement of slitting units is ensured by RS Brackets, designed for sliding belt coupling, positioned on each motor and each knifeholder and by a sliding belt driven by a brushless motor for positioning the knives and a sliding belt driven by a brushless motor for positioning the motors.
This positioning therefore allows a change of slitting recipe, and consequent high-precision handling of the groups, without any engaging piston, thus allowing the material to be kept in the slitting section, while maintaining all the cutting geometries and parameters.

Visualized - Cotta Vision positioning

The visualized positioning allows operators to check on an HMI, directly positioned on machine shoulders, the precise position of the knifeholder that they are moving.
The movement remains manual by the operator, who can however rely on high precision MTS sensors and a 12″ monitor to position the slitting groups more quickly and accurately.