Shaft Based Slitting System


Expando by Mario Cotta represents the most advanced generation for shaft based slitting systems for shear cut. The Expando slitting system consists of an upper and a lower part respectively equipped with a high performance Mario Cotta pneumatic knife holder and an expanding shaft for bottom knives.
The bottom knife change is extremely fast and safe thanks to the Mario Cotta patented technology for the Expandette cutting ring. The use of this HSS cutting ring with double cutting edge allows not to remove expandable shaft for bottom knife change. The expando slitting system is the best solution when speeds do not exceed 2000 m / min, a high number of slits is required and machine width doesn’t exceed 4 meters.


  • The simultaneous positioning of the upper and lower unit allows to maintain constant slitting values and parameters ​​without losing the setup.
  • The bottom knives change takes place without removing the expandable shaft thanks to the Expandette cutting ring.
  • The cutting ring is made of HSS steel and allows an higher average lifetime, more than 4 times that std steel.
  • The cutting ring allows, thanks to the double cutting edge, to be rotated 180 ° and reused.
  • No re-sharpening costs. It will be enough to change only the cutting ring.
  • Extremely reduced machine downtime. Discover Expando by Mario Cotta.

Manual positioning

Positioning by the operators which, acting on the pinion present on the bracket of the knife holder, will move the slitting group.
The positioning precision is guaranteed by the use of linear rail together with ball bearing carriers brackets. Moreover, the use of a double effect pneumatic engaging piston allows to move the upper and lower unit simultaneously without losing the cutting geometries and parameters.

Automatic positioning

The positioning of this Mario Cotta slitting system is completely automatic. Operators will interact only with the Scada software, running on an industrial pc, specially designed by Mario Cotta, entering, saving and loading the slitting recipes. It will be the software and the positioning system to quickly position all the groups.

Web Out solution

The movement of the groups is guaranteed by a side shift translator on a roll-on rail that acts on the upper unit.
The engaging piston will grant a simoultaneous positioning of top and bottom part, maintaining slitting parameters.

Web-In solution

The movement of the groups is guaranteed by two side shift translator actinh on roll-on rails that act independently on the upper and bottom units.
This positioning therefore allows a change of slitting recipe, and consequent high-precision handling of the groups, without any engaging piston, thus allowing the material to be kept in the slitting section, while maintaining all the cutting geometries and parameters.

Visualized positioning

A laser pointer together with a visualizer mounted on a rail will show to operators where to position precisely slitting groups.
The assited manual positioning allows operator to quickly and precisely moves slitting groups.