PPS s.2

Pneumatic Knife Holder

PPS s.2

The PPS s.2 pneumatic knife holder by Mario Cotta is the perfect union between performance and simplicity of use for minimum cuts of 50 mm.

Technical features

Available Blades:

  • 150×70-80 mm
  • 130×70-80 mm

Available Brackets:

  • Dovetail
  • Dovetail with pinion
  • Linear with 1 ball bearing carrier
  • Linear with 2 ball bearing carrier

Penetration Knob

The graduated dial provides a repeatable and precise regulation of the knife diameter in order to maintain the most effective overlap after replacing blades.

Cant Angle

Through a simple operation, a special asymmetrical shaft allows you to change the cant angle to ± 1.5°. Other cant angles can be achieved on a custom order basis.

Anti-rotation Button

By pressing the button of the back of the knife holder, the rotation flange of the knife is blocked, making it easier to change the blade. This therefore reduces setup times and increases operator safety.

Tilting Side Approach

The tilting slide approach disengages the movement unit from the rotation unit, resulting in a drastic reduction of the run out and a higher average life for the blades. The blade also remains centered on the knife holder, which maintains the minimum slitting width of 50 mm for both left- and right-handed knife holders.

Mechanical Half Approach

The mechanical half approach can be activated through a piston located on the back side of the knife holder. If engaged, this piston limits tilting movement. Half approach permits a fast and effective knife holder setup and eliminates knife overlap with the bottom knife by providing a constant side load.