Rubber Spreader Rolls

From engineering to manufacturing, Mario Cotta is committed to the highest  quality standards.
All the production process is followed by a team of highly skilled Engineers and technicians that develop the best solution for customers’ application.

Mario Cotta guarantees high quality components and materials due to highly technological machine used. Balancing machine to balance all the segments and Mitutoyo for tolerances check.

Technical features


Completed rolls are tested at high speed on test machine, it could fit rolls up to 9 meters face length. This test returns fundamental values to guarantee rollers quality. During test, Mario Cotta measures vibration, critical speed and temperatures all along the face length, only after passing this test the roll could be prepared to be delivered to the customer.


Mario Cotta on its rubber rollers can offer a wide range of sleeves and compounds with the characteristics required by the market.
All sleeves can be reinforced for high speeds and grooved.

Rotating Incidence

The rollers are supplied with Mario Cotta std supports which allow the variation of the incidence. The variation could occur trough an handwheel, ratchet key and, if required, it can be motorized.

Variable Bow

Where the application requires a variable bow due to variable work condition, Mario Cotta can supply Varibale Bow Rollers. The thruster could be mechanical or hydraulic, depending on diameter and application.


Mario Cotta is able to offer customized solutions for special applications and spare parts for existing applications.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Tipo ⌀ Est ⌀ Codolo Tavole* Variante a Curvatura Variabile
MC-G 85 85 mm 30 mm 800-1200 mm Meccanico
MC-G 105 105 mm 40 mm 1200-2000 mm Meccanico
MC-G 125 125 mm 60-62 mm 1400-2500 mm Meccanico / Idraulico
MC-G 150 150 mm 75 mm 1800-3000 mm Idraulico
MC-G 175 175 mm 75-90-100 mm 2200-4000 mm Idraulico
MC-G 200 200 mm 90-100-120 mm 3000-5000 mm Idraulico
MC-G 230 230 mm 120-130 mm 4500-6000 mm Idraulico