Toughest and the easiest to use knifeholders for paper, tissue, nonwoven, plastic film, aluminium and rubber.

Slitting group

Mario Cotta is the preferred choice in the market for pneumatic knife holders and cutting tool accessories.

With more than 40 standard pneumatic knife holders in our catalog, our products are optimal for everything from narrow minimum slits to heavy duty paper mill slitting. To offer you the most flexibility and efficiency, you can count on our standard products always being in stock.

If you have an innovative or new application, our engineering department will be happy to offer guidance on upgrades or selecting new slitting system components.

Mario Cotta can deliver results for any customer need, including:

  • Shear Cut Solutions
  • Crush Cut Solutions
  • Razor Cut Solutions
  • Hot Cut Solutions
  • Embossing Solutions

All of our blades, knife holders, rolls and slitting systems are manufactured and assembled in-house at or facility in Italy to ensure you always have the highest quality.

Pneumatic Knifeholders

Our wide range of pneumatic knife holders are capable of a variety of cutting types and can achieve narrow slitting requirements.

  • Elite Series – The Elite Series includes high-performance knife holders with onboard regulations and settings.
  • Classic Series – The Classic Series offers efficiency and reliability for the widest range of purposes.

Rails and Brackets

Rails and Brackets for slitting groups positioning.


  • Dove Tail with or without pinion and rack
  • Gold Linear with ball bearing carrier
  • GL – Rail with pneumatic brake and bracket with ball bearing carriers