Custom solutions

All Mario Cotta’s proposals can be declined and modified to better meet the needs of the customers. The Technical Office, made up of highly specialized engineers, is able to assess the client’s needs in order to provide the most suitable customized solution. Discover your customized solution by Mario Cotta.


If an existing slitting system no longer meets needs of customer, Mario Cotta can offer a transformation solution that could improve productivity and increase efficiency and safety.
Increase the amount of slitting groups, increase speed. obtain higher slitting quality, cut different materials. These are just some of the needs that the customer could have. Mario Cotta is the perfect partner to deal with them.


Mario Cotta senior engineers team will gather all the measurements and fundamental data to modify the current slitting section. The Mario Cotta technical office, in continuous contact with the customer, will address all the points and requests developing the best solution.
After approval by the customer, the modification of the slitting system will therefore be finalized.


Every customer is unique and every request can have different solutions. Evaluating the needs and the customer available budget, Mario Cotta can work on two different ways:

  • Complete transformation
  • Partial transformation

Complete Transformation

If the customer requests require an important change, Mario Cotta will supply a turnkey slitting section completely interchangeable with the previous one. The comeplte slitting section, including mechanical structures, will be assembled and tested in-house and then installed at customer facilities by our experienced technicians.

Application example: transformation from Wrapped Cut to Tangential Cut.

Partial transformation

It is not always necessary to modify the complete slitting section to achieve the goal. Changing just a few components can be the winning move to achieve customer needs. All modifications and adaptations in the machine will be carried out by our technical department and our experienced technicians.

Application Example – Increase cutting quality.