Expando Bottom Knives

Expando Bottom Knives cut your downtime

Expando bottom knives feature a patented, proprietary technology that reduces maintenance time and eliminates resharpening. The sintered steel cutting ring can be removed directly from the shaft without removing the anvil or the shaft, using a specially designed omegaopening, both sides of the knife can easily be replaced with a fresh one, reducing downtime.

In addition to this time-saving design, each ring as a double-cutting edge that can be used on both sides. And with high-speed steel offering an average lifetime of up to 4 times that of normal steel, these knives offer one opportunity after another to cut your downtime.

Technical features

Est: Min 110 mm – Max 360 mm
Int.: Min 85 mm – Max 300 mm


  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Greater operator safety
  • Longer life due to the double-edged ring and HSS steel


  • High-Speed Steel (HSS)
  • A11
  • D2

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