Slitting systems

The perfect combination of experience and Mario Cotta’s products. Complete slitting systems for every application

The division

All the experience acquired by Mario Cotta in the cutting world is used for its Slitting Systems.
Mario Cotta’s experience in engineering customized solutions means it can always guide the customer in the process of implementing a new application. The engineering team will help the customer to choose and implement the best solution. Shaft-driven, independently driven, trimming, on-the-fly slitting systems. Mario Cotta can offer all the solutions that the flexible materials market needs.

Every customer is different and has different needs and goals. Mario Cotta’s slitting systems can therefore be defined as tailor-made. The ultimate goal is to completely satisfy customers’ expectations.

Original equipment, retrofitting, upgrading and special solutions to raise productivity, safety and efficiency. Mario Cotta’s engineering team is always at the customer’s disposal.

Deisgned for purpose approach

Designed For Purpose is the mantra.
Each application has its own peculiarities, and solutions are studied, adapted and engineered by Mario Cotta’s technical department. Nothing is left to chance or not weighed up.
Mario Cotta is able to meet with customers to help achieve their goals and make improvements to cutting operations and relative applications.

Service and training

The slitting section might be very complex. Mario Cotta can offer servicing and maintenance services to keep the slitting section reliable at all times. Our specialized technology is always at the customer’s disposal. Mario Cotta can also offer training to machine operators in order to better understand the functioning and use of the cutting unit.


  • Extensive experience in all applications

  • Direct production of all slitting system components

  • Designed for Purpose approach


  • Any application has its own already engineered solution

  • Quality and delivery times always met

  • Customized production to solve the customer’s problems

Independent motorized systems

Shaft-driven systems

Customized systems

Trimming systems

Dedicated to the production of slitting systems
Skilled technicians
Slitting systems installed worldwide


Italian quality and passion are the starting points for our products.


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Slitting systems



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