Tailored solutions

All of Mario Cotta’s offerings can be adapted and modified to best meet customers’ needs. The Engineering Department, made up of highly skilled engineers, is able to assess the customer’s needs in order to provide the most suitable tailored solution. Learn more about your tailor-made solution from Mario Cotta.


If a slitting system is already installed that no longer meets the customer’s needs, Mario Cotta can offer a transformation solution to improve performance. More cutting, higher speed and quality, quicker material changes. These are just a few of the needs the customer may have. Mario Cotta is the perfect partner to handle these changes.


The Mario Cotta team will take all measurements and gather data critical to modify the existing slitting system. Mario Cotta’s engineering department, in concert with the customer, will address all points and requests and develop the best solution
After customer approval, changes to the slitting system will then be implemented.


Each client is unique, and each request may have different solutions.
By assessing the client’s needs and budget, Mario Cotta can work on two alternatives:

Complete Transformation

Complete Transformation
If the the customer indicates the need for major changes, Mario Cotta will supply the entire slitting system, completely interchangeable with the previous one. The entire slitting section, including carpentry structures, will be assembled in-house and then installed in the plant by our assembly team.

Example: transformation from Wrap to Tangent slitting.

Partial transformation

It is not always necessary to change the entire slitting system to achieve one’s goal. Changing only a few components may be the best way to attain one’s aims.
All machine modifications and adjustments will be made by our engineering department and fitters.

Example: Raising cutting quality.

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