Custom Cutting Solution

Perfecting custom slitting since 1925.

Custom Cutting Solutions

Mario Cotta’s technical experts and engineers are dedicated to ensuring you have the best solution to your cutting challenges. Any proposal you receive from us begins with a holistic understanding of your entire cutting process. Contact us to discover your customized solution from Mario Cotta.


If your existing slitting system no longer meets your needs, we offer slitting system retrofits to improve your productivity, efficiency and safety. If you want to increase the number of slitting groups, increase speed, obtain higher slitting quality or cut different materials, Mario Cotta is your partner of choice.

Our Process

Mario Cotta’s senior engineering team first gathers all of your data, measurements and information for modifying the current slitting section. The team then addresses every point in the project outline and proposes a comprehensive proposal for your review. During this process, the team is in constant communication with you to ensure we’re meeting all of your requirements. After your approval, the project plan for modifying the slitting system is finalized and implementation begins.

Types of Slitting System Transformations

Every customer is unique and every request may have a different solution. Depending on your specific needs and budget, we can work with you on either a complete or partial slitting system transformation.

Complete Transformation

If you need a substantial change, Mario Cotta can supply a turnkey slitting section that is completely interchangeable with your current section. The complete slitting section, including its mechanical structures, is assembled and tested at our in-house facility in Italy and then installed at your location by our experienced technicians. One example of a complete slitting section transformation that we’ve completed is a change from wrapped cut to tangential cut.

Partial transformation

It is not always necessary to modify the complete slitting section to achieve your goal. Changing just a few components can give you the results you are looking for. All modifications to your equipment is completed by our seasoned engineers and technicians.