Expando Bottom Knife

Exclusive Mario Cotta patent.

Expando Bottom Knife

The proprietary technology is based on a special support where a sintered steel cutting ring (HSS) is mounted that can be removed directly from the shaft through a specially designed omega “opening”. The ring has a double cutting edge and it can be used on both sides. The HSS grants an average lifetime of up to 4 times the normal steel. The revolution designed by Mario Cotta for your needs.

Technical features


  • Reduced machine downtime thanks to the hss ring
  • Greater operator safety
  • No need for regrinding
  • Longer life thanks to the double-edged ring and HSS steel
  • Ø Est: Min 110 mm – Max 360 mm
  • Ø Int.: Min 85 mm – Max 300 mm


  • HSS ring