Pneumatic Knife Holder


Discover the PPS pneumatic knife holder for 50 mm minimum cuts. The PPS is reliable, simple, durable and comes with the guaranteed quality of Mario Cotta. As part of our Classic Series of knife holders, the PPS is suitable for any cutting application.

Technical features

Available Blades:

  • 130×80 mm
  • 130×70 mm
  • 150×70 mm
  • 150×80 mm

Penetration Knob

The graduated dial provides a repeatable and precise regulation of the knife diameter in order to maintain the most effective overlap after replacing blades.

Cant Angle

The manual adjustment of the cant angle allows a reliable setup of the knife holder for a high quality cut.

Single Air Inlet

The single air inlet decreases setup time thanks to the automatic descent-side load/side unload-ascent cycle.

360° Knife Guard

The full 360° knife guard increases safety during those production steps that present the greatest risk to operators.

Engaging Piston

A pneumatic double effect engaging piston is available to precisely move the entire slitting group across the cutting line without changing any cutting setup values.